Welcome to The Future of CryptoCurrency Investments

The Mal Tajmae Cryptocurrency team partnering with top Blockchain Developers, Experts and Miners in the World implements a unique Algorithm and Private-Public Blockchain that comprises of Real Estate, Ripples, USDT and Bitcoin Ecosystems to assure every Investor get returns on the exact Benchmark at which they invested during a Bear Pull  if the market dips lower than the price at which they invested and also get a higher rate of the current price rate if the price of investments increases during the time at which they want to pull out.

Thats a bit much, lets put it In layman’s terms. Every investor on the Mal Tajmae private Blockchain gets the exact price at which they invested their cryptocurrency whenever the price is lower and they want to pull out their Crypto Assets. Also if the Cryptoassets price increases they would also be able to profit at that increased price regardless of how low their crypto assets was worth when they invested.  Illustration: If Mr A invests his BTC/ETH/USDT/RPT at €500 and the value drops on the exchange market is €400 when he wants to withdraw it, he still gets his €500 back meanwhile if the Market value increases to €1000, he gets his €1000 back.

Sounds like Magic right, No. This Unique Algorithm was created by employing top Miners, Blockchain Experts and Real Estate agents to solve the unsolvable problem of the Cryptocurrency unstable market after the Board of Directors decided to pour out all of his investments in its stronghold of Real Estates into Crytocurrency. After over 9 months of patterned research and help of the strategic short term reinvestments in USDT tether, private Ripple blockchain consensus and Real Estate to always maximize profit for both the Company and Investments.

Due to the Blockchain consensus, There is an Investment cap of 5000 investors with no replacement